Search Engine Optimization, What’s The Point?

Search engine optimization—often referred to as SEO—is a digital strategy used by brands in order to ensure their sites are relevant to search engines. While it may sound like a technical term only applicable to a website’s code, it is actually as much about human users as it is the digital landscape.

Visitors who find their way to a website with the help of SEO are considered to be organic traffic. There is no absolutely exact guide to Google’s algorithms, but there are several key factors that have been uncovered that affect website ranking.

While the entirety of the algorithm used by Google is top secret, a few ranking factors have been confirmed publicly:

  • Backlinks
  • Brand presence
  • Keywords used on the actual page
  • Loading speed of website


Premier SEO services in Toronto would know: The best way to make sure you’re at the forefront of search engine result pages (SERPs) is to use SEO.

SERPs include a number of components:

  • Featured snippets
  • Knowledge graphs
  • Organic search results
  • Paid Google Ads results
  • Video results

Google does its best to find content not just to match the user’s search term, but also one that is trustworthy and able to give credible information. More recently, their SERPs also started providing audio search results, particularly for podcasts.

There is such a thing as the digital ecosystem, with more and more businesses looking for a boost in online customers.

Stay Relevant

Organizations need visibility, especially since the digital era has really expanded over the years. Most people do their research online before buying a product or availing of a service. When businesses have a strong strategy in terms of search engine optimization, they are able to give themselves a much better chance of standing out from all the noise. The old saying that “out of sight means out of mind” is quite a stark reality online, so it’s not just about getting the attention of possible customers. Being able to have enough to draw them in further when they visit your website is crucial. No matter what product or service is in question, there is a high chance that the potential customer will do online research before anything else. Paying attention to SEO helps to make sure that your brand remains visible.

This includes staying on top of trends, and producing content that is tied to keywords of high value. Then, the content must be optimized to make sure that the search engine has a full understanding of what the content refers to in the first place.

This means that keen attention must be paid to factors such as:

  • Title tags
  • Alt tags
  • Meta description
  • Placement of relevant keywords

Even the website URL becomes part of these factors.

The modern customer will most likely engage with brands that have a strong presence. This is the main importance of SEO, because with it, your website will be well within the sights of any potential buyers or people who will avail of your product or service.

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