3 Important Digital Marketing Tactics in the Time of COVID-19

Individuals and companies have found themselves in the position of having to rethink their social media strategy in light of the global pandemic. Usually, businesses and the like set their goals and do project planning with digital marketing services in Vaughan either at the very last part of the year or in January. This includes digital marketing and search engine optimization strategies.

As with everything else, there are trends in SEO and digital marketing. Many trends have stuck around beyond a season and become a key principle to hold, able to withstand the times. Applying these principles in order to have a successful and comprehensive strategy will help you maintain—or even boost—your online standing.

Here are three digital marketing tactics that we think are integral during the time of the coronavirus:

Influencer Marketing

Now more than ever, people are looking to sources they deem trustworthy for information. While influencers are a somewhat new part of digital marketing, they are incredibly effective. There are many companies putting out ads, and prospective customers no longer engage with ads like before.

To succeed in today’s competitive landscape, businesses have to do what they can to stand out. When influencer marketing is executed correctly, your product or service can grow immensely in popularity. It can also help you establish a greater sense of trustworthiness to your customers. The right influencer can increase traffic and even backlinks. Of course, you should choose someone that’s relevant to your demographic and industry. No matter how popular they are and how many followers they have, their audience may not benefit you much if they aren’t the people you want to reach.

Search Engine Marketing

SEO and PPC are not new, but they remain important in 2020 and beyond. Both paid and organic slots in the search engine results pages can drive traffic to your website and can improve your click-through rate!

To obtain a competitive ranking, the information you provide to users must be clear and concise. Research keywords to generate questions and, in turn, provide answers that are precise. That can make a world of difference. PPC services from our team of experts in Vaughan can assist with this.

Website Security

Consumers want to know that the websites they’re using are secure. If your target audience is a user of Google’s Chrome browser, it will notify them of whether or not your website has earned a certificate for being a secure site. This depends largely on whether or not it is HTTP or HTTPS. Should a big red ‘Not Secure’ notification appear, prospective customers will likely bounce off, in search of a site that’s proven to be more secure.

The lack of a security certificate means many visitors will not complete forms or take actions to convert. Make sure that your website has an authenticated connection and follows HTTPS protocols. This is especially vital if your page collects user information. Aside from being less likely to encounter possible legal issues, it will allow for a boost in your SEO.


By now, the importance of understanding that properly optimized website content is the basic element in marketing digitally is common knowledge. However, it should not stop there. Ensure that you are always staying on top of trends and taking concrete action to be able to improve where you can. Now that more people are staying at home to be safe, everyone is stepping up their websites and social media. Simply remembering those factors can help your brand stand out.

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