UX and SEO: Which One Is More Important for Site Traffic

Websites that attract plenty of traffic usually have excellent user experience (UX) and search engine optimization (SEO). While these two factors are closely related, some people might argue that one is more important than the other. However, the truth is that SEO and UX work simultaneously to provide site visitors with a smooth and enjoyable experience. If you want to understand what makes this possible, this article will let you see the link between them.

Differentiating UX Design and SEO

Designing a website’s UX is the process of providing site visitors, also known as “users,” an easy-to-use, valuable, and pleasant site to interact with. It is focused on enhancing the experience and making sure that users find their stay on the site worthwhile. It includes several elements, such as branding, functionality, navigation, and overall design.

On the other hand, SEO refers to the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic that your website attracts in search engines. It can be organic or paid traffic, depending on your preference. As known by many, it is the process of optimizing your website’s content by utilizing keywords.

They are two different concepts, but together, they can work and provide positive results.

How UX and SEO Work Together

SEO can drive people to a website, but these people will not stay for long if they do not see value in the site or content they were led to. The UX design is responsible for providing this wonderful experience to these people.

It is also important to note that Google can tell whether visitors stay long on a website, affecting its overall SEO score. By making sure that the UX design delivers value, your site gets an excellent SEO score. On the other hand, without SEO, there will be no traffic to assess the UX’s effectiveness.

As your website further proves that it can be a platform that visitors can visit regularly, it can capture more attention and eventually attract more traffic. When people keep coming back to your site, you build better customer relationships, which can turn into loyalty.

The Challenge

Websites need to follow the best SEO practices to prove to search engines that they are worthy of the traffic they attract. However, despite this effort, the algorithms of these search engines always change. This means that SEO needs to be continuously updated to show search engines how valuable the website is to people.

The UX also faces a big challenge since, at the end of the day, the users will still be the judge of the website’s value.


The UX and SEO work hand in hand. The UX directly addresses the needs of website visitors while SEO ensures visibility on search engines. Both of them share a common goal of giving the user the best website experience possible. Having excellent SEO will be nothing if the traffic you get sees a poor website UX, and having great UX will not amount to much if the website can’t attract visitors. This means that both factors are equally crucial to the success and longevity of any website.

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