4 of the Best SEO Tips to Boost Your Google Ranking

It doesn’t matter if your portfolio is absolutely stunning or your website is beautifully rendered; it will not get anywhere if the search engine optimization (SEO) is lacking. Search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo have become rather objective over the years when it comes to certain things like alt tags, keywords, and sitemaps.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Put simply, SEO is the process wherein website traffic is improved from search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo through algorithmic and organic search results. When a website appears higher in search results, naturally, the number of visitors to the webpage from the search engines will increase. As any premier SEO professional in Toronto can tell you, there are many ways to go about improving page ranking.

Here are five of the best SEO tips to boost your Google ranking.

Pay Attention to Page Titles

One of the things search engines use to place a page in their search results is the title tag, which also appears on the top of the browser. Search spiders and users are able to learn what your page is about through these tags. Google, in particular, displays title tags that are between 50 to 60 characters only, which means keeping descriptions compelling, concise, and relevant is vital. Feature the keywords and page topics towards the front.

Place Keywords Strategically

One of the most crucial things in SEO is the placement of keywords throughout a website. Think about how a user would look for data regarding your specific product or service. The keywords they use are essentially the same ones you want to use. However, moderation is also key, because too many keywords can lead to your site being flagged as spam. This is particularly something to be cautious about if some of the keywords are evidently unrelated. By default, keyword stuffing is ignored by search engine spiders.

Make Use of ALT Tags

Every single photo and video that you put on your website can have a description added to its digital imprint. These are alternative text descriptions, which let search engines find your page with the keywords found in your photo and video descriptions on top of the standard text across the whole website. Making good use of ALT tags increases the chances of your site being found, which in turn will lift its page ranking.

Optimize for Mobile

Now, more than ever, people do research online before taking advantage of a product or service. A smartphone has practically become a necessity. With that in mind, it is no surprise that if a website already has a mobile-friendly interface, it will rank higher on Google searches.


Improving your Google ranking is so much easier with search engine optimization. That said, it will work best when the proper steps are taken. Keep track of your search standing by staying on top of your SEO game.

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