The Art of Marketing to the Boomer Generation

The Art of Marketing to the Boomer Generation

Listen up, millennials—baby boomers aren’t as “ancient” as you might believe! Though late to the game, 65% of these individuals, aged 54 to 72, now own a desktop computer, while 49% own laptops. That means eCommerce business managers have ample room to sell to one of the wealthiest demographics around.

However, marketing your campaign to a boomer generation isn’t the same as advertising to university twenty-somethings. Though boomers turn to mobile devices to shop groceries, retail, and entertainment, you’ll need to know what type of content truly appeals to them. Here’s where you can start.

Tip 1 – Focus on Consistency

The fundamentals of trust are in how consistent you are. From your digital efforts to print advertisements, you’ll want your boomer consumers to recognize your brand across every channel.

Update your content and campaign elements as necessary. Nothing quite beats the wrath of a boomer who realizes their digital coupon is expired or a product they have their eye on no longer exists.

Tip 2 – Get Age-Appropriate

If you’re in the business of influencer marketing, you’re in luck. 82% of boomers are now thriving on social media accounts across Facebook and Instagram. However, your content isn’t going to resonate if you’re working with a 35-year-old bodybuilder.

Influencers are capable of swaying baby boomers, but they’ll have to be age-appropriate. Study social media campaigns from Zara, Lululemon, and Nike, which tap into older generations’ interests.

Humour and educate your audience. Inform with a little bit of comic relief. In a nutshell, make your potential customers feel young again. You’ll know just how to do so with someone who is a boomer themselves.

Tip 3 – Make it Personal

When marketing to baby boomers, the best way to connect is to make the experience personal. However, automating your email campaign to address them by their first name isn’t going to cut it.

Leverage the data you already have and continue to collect to craft relevant content. If your customer responds, prioritize engaging with them on social media platforms, third-party review websites, forums, and direct messages.

Tip 4 – Go Where They Flow

Content creation for inbound marketing will always reign supreme—but it doesn’t hurt to reach out to boomers who aren’t coming across your blog. Go where your customers go, and you’ll make a sale.

We know that a large population of boomers are active on social media. The first step is finding out where your specific demographic likes to dwell. The majority of boomers will be most active on Facebook and LinkedIn, while some will enjoy browsing food, fashion, and fitness content on Instagram.

Prioritize video content. After all, your boomer customers aren’t likely to prefer to zoom in on tiny, pixelated fonts.


Marketing boomer-centred products shouldn’t have to be the bane of your brand’s existence. Regardless of who your audience is, making a sale is about prioritizing what your clients want—not what you think is going to sell. Put your customers first. Solve their problems.

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