Make Sure To Avoid These Digital Marketing Mistakes In Your Business

Your company needs to start taking your digital marketing efforts seriously. Your competitors are out performing your brand and company online meaning that avoiding certain mistakes can help in accelerating your growth and the ability to catch up.

When it comes to the digital atmosphere there are lots of different options available. What you should focus on is your target audience and determine what your customers want to see and learn about your company. This is the roadmap necessary to properly plan your online strategy for continuous improvements.

Avoid these 3 mistakes that many companies overlook to ensure maximized success:

1. Not Following Your Users On Your Website:

Often times many companies have their website built but lack the right data needed to properly make decisions such as split testing landing pages. As a first step adding Google Analytics will allow you to track user behaviour and also allow for specific goals to be set up for better tracking.

If your company wants to go a step further adding more tracking such as HeatMaps will allow you to visually see what happens when a user lands on your website.

2. Not Providing Enough Information On Your Website:

Often times companies lack in providing its users enough information to learn more about who you are as a company along with how you are different from competitors. The biggest thing to remember is providing valuable data and content will help make decisions faster for potential customers on your website. Let users know exactly how you can help and prove to them through past work as well that you are the right choice.

3. Not Staying Long Enough In Specific Marketing Channels:

Whether you are just starting out or have been around for a while, your company needs to focus on specific marketing channels that your audience is on. Whether one or multiple channels the key understanding is making sure your company stays in it for the long term. Paid Advertising (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are the top 2 types of channel categories. As an example SEO takes a while depending on a handful of factors and many companies decide to “give up” 2 months in when they don’t see instant results. Doing this back tracks any progress and ensures your competitors win.


Focus on a strategy that your company knows it can follow. By doing this you will make sure to stick with it long term, focus on the right details and succeed online.

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