E-Commerce and Your SEO Strategy

Many believe that when talking about SEO, Search Engine Optimization, you have to develop your website as a whole to rank compared to the individual products, E-Commerce. This is a myth as your website does not take everything into consideration and rank as one, but as seperate entities.

While E-Commerce is a great way to get your products or services purchases online through your website, from an SEO perspective there is a lot more strategy that needs to go into making your pages rank higher. This is due to the fact that E-Commerce is a much larger industry creating much larger competitors such as eBay, Amazon, Big Retailers and much more.

Here are 3 strategy tips to get focused on for your E-Commerce website:

1) Focus On The Specifics:

When trying to rank your products as a whole it is important to write down how you want your users to find what you are selling. Coming up and brainstorming a list of keywords will help provide insight on what might give you a competitive advantage. Once a list is created then you can start narrowing down more specific versions of phrases to put within each product page description for better viewing.

Remember that the more specific you can get the more likely a conversion will occur as you have to understand the difference between research type searches and purchase intent searches. Research intent will potentially provide more traffic BUT less sales while purchase intent is the opposite.

2) URL and Tags:

When is comes to SEO there are lots of different factors that make up ranking structure. One of these factors is URL based and how well things are internally linked within your website. From a URL perspective you have to make sure that your product has the name in the URL, in essenece providing a clear picture of what people are landing on, along with making sure things are linked internally to a much larger category with all those products and variations.

URLs are vital as it provides a first look at what someone will land on creating a better user experience but search engines also will understand what the page is about. If you want to take it to the next level you should also add local based URLs if you are selling products more local.

3) The Right Images and ALT Tags:

When it comes to making sure you are seen, remember that image searches are also a thing. Not only is a focus on search results important but making sure your product pages have high quality images along with descriptions for each image will allow them to be found online faster.

High quality images go a long way as more people are enticed to purchase from a website with more professional product images vs. E-Commerce websites that might seem not trustworthy.

In conclusion

As we conclude this post it is important to remember that no matter the type of industry you are in and website you have, SEO is going to be one of the most vital components of online growth. Search Engine Optimization takes time to achieve great results but in the end becomes worth it when you start out ranking your competitors.

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