PPC Advertising, When Should You Start?

PPC Advertising is one of the most effective ways of generating both traffic volume increases and potential new revenue.  In a lot of cases many businesses have found it difficult to sustain their business especially during this on-going pandemic. 

What many businesses often forget about is the vast types of digital marketing channels that can be used and even if one has not worked, all should be tried.

Remember that when it comes to Paid Advertising your company has lots of potential opportunity but often times many give up before the big break can occur!

Below are 3 reasons why you need to start running and testing different advertising channels as quickly as possible:

1 – Instant Visibility:

Two of the most widely used ad channels are Google Ads which consists of multiple channels in itself and Social Media (Facebook and Instagram).

When we break these two down we know that Social Media advertising consists of either images or video ads shown to specific audiences as they are scrolling or viewing other content. This form of advertising required high quality imagery to get your audience interested.

Looking at Google Ads there is a large network which includes search based user intent (search ads), video ads (YouTube) and image ads (display and remarketing along with Shopping Ads if you sell products online).

The biggest thing to remember about these are the instant potential gratification that can come from them. When you run ads, unlike SEO which takes time to be seen, the moment your ads are approved your website and images can be visible.  This creates instant visibility and lots of growth potential.

2 – Your Budget, Your Rules:

When it comes to paid advertising you the advertiser are in full control of the account and the direction for your company. While a healthy budget can help you test quickly and efficiently, you can run ads with any ad budget that you are comfortable with. This could be a $150 a month budget up to $100,000+. Remember however that it is not always the size of your budget that matters directly as some industries might get clicks very low meaning they are able to get more clicks and traffic vs. other industries where it may cost more, requiring a higher budget. This is just one component of running an ad account and more importantly making sure it is constantly being optimized based on analytics data is vital for success.

3 – Lots of Testing Can Be Done:

Testing is very important no matter the type of ad channel(s) you are running. This means that you need to constantly be looking at how people are interacting with your ads and what they are doing on your website or landing page(s).  A lot of these paid ad channels provide amazing data and insight which should be utilized to its full potential to succeed. An advertiser who starts running ads and uses the “set it and forget it method” will lose every-time to competitors. Always adjust ads, use different target audiences, change bidding methods and most importantly focus on quality.

Final Thoughts

Paid advertising is a great way to get visible instantly with the true potential of growing your business to the next level. Making sure you start testing different channels now can help you see which might work for your company and which are not the best route to take. 

Should you be in any need of PPC advertising services in the GTA  our team at Analytics Beyond provides you with the best services. Get in touch with us today to get started!


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