It’s All About Your Website Visitors, Keep Them Engaged

Your company website is the driving force for allowing current and potential customers to learn about what you do, how you work, contact information and read anything of interest. Your website is the nucleus of your digital marketing eco-system which is why it is vital to have one created to perfection.

The most vital pieces of information about your company needs to be easy to access on your website as the attention span of visitors is short.

It is very important that you start focusing on your website visitors making sure you follow these 3 steps for success.

1. Create A Unique Design That Engages:

By creating an engaging design this means that your company can stand out from competitors. Remember that even if most companies in your industry have similar looking websites this does not means you must follow them. Your goal is to always stand out, making parts of your website interactive to interest site visitors.

Some examples might be hover sections, before and after sliders of past projects and a layout that guides users down a path online.

2. To The Point Content:

This may include blog posts or just your main website pages, but having content that is clear and to the point usually does better compared to those with paragraphs of information. As much as you would love your visitors to read all this, most of the time people get overwhelmed and skip past or leave the website completely. The goal remember is to get users to call or fill out a form rather than just read piles of information. Only put what you think will give your company a competitive advantage as reasons for potential clients to go with you over others.

3. A Mix of Media On The Website:

This is important and ties in with point #2. Having a mix between images, content and even video helps to break up the site itself, provide different points of focus and gives a design aspect to it. Remember that visuals are usually better then long pieces of content on your website as short attention spans play an important factor.


Always think about your website visitors when working through your website structure, design and information. Making things as easy as possible will bring much better success for your future business growth.

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