Key Insights in the Service Side of A CX Platform Website

CX platforms assist businesses in determining their customer engagement objectives. As customers (both potential and existing) engage with a company through various channels, it is challenging for a single solution to keep track of them all.

CMS and website marketing professionals in Toronto are both familiar concepts and services for any eCommerce business. In contrast, the customer experience platform from a service standpoint is usually an uncharted area.

If you’re interested in learning more about this newer territory from the service perspective, read on.

Customer Experience Platform with Customer Service Focus 

Every business owner and marketer will benefit from evaluating their website from the view of their customers. The price page is an excellent example of where to begin. It’s a positive sign if a potential customer visits your price page two or three times—as it signifies an interest in your business. These visits likely occur because they experienced sticker shock the first time, but the second visit means they may be reconsidering their budget.

However, it’s different if the visitor is already a repeat customer as it denotes one of two things. When visiting your pricing page, an existing customer may want to upgrade or check what they receive in value and what’s included in your offered packages.

Recognising Service Signals

If a customer visits the pricing page five times, you should know that the customer already has an active account, so you’ll have to frequently check-up with them for any questions about the product or service.

The conversation via the customer service platform will vary depending on their status. For active customers, you should provide a direct line to whoever handles customer support, ensuring that there’s a point of contact to retain them and keep them coming back for more.

Supporting Customers and Prospects

Most businesses keep certain elements of their operations separate: the help desk and knowledge base aren’t connected to the customer chat, which isn’t connected to the CMS or the contact record information. If someone in the team needs this information, they will have to go through a roundabout process to get what they need. And what about the customers?

If someone who isn’t a customer yet has questions or is looking through your knowledge base, it’s likely because they want to know how you would handle a specific issue. Hence, you must invest in technology to assemble all the crucial resources needed for your internal service teams. This is where a high-quality Customer Experience Platform can make any information available to the customer on the front end.

Using a CX platform can give you a consolidated view of every customer’s interaction with your business. A customer can utilise impressions and make decisions whether from a social media post, an online ad, or an online purchase.


Businesses need CX platforms to create, implement, analyze, and enhance customer touchpoints. With a platform that focuses on the service side of the business, you can measure, monitor, and evaluate all customer interactions. Make sure to consider customer experience when you contact a top web design agency in Toronto.

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