The Best Ways to Redirect Visitors to Your Website

North America has a healthy market of various small and medium enterprises that make up the bulk of their economy. The market is jam-packed with the competition, making for a healthy business environment that gets proprietors continually innovating. In Canada, there are plenty of ways that companies can remain competitive to navigate the oversaturated market. Using methods like premier SEO in Toronto is one way that works in the long-run. 

Overall, whether you’re using SEO or PPC advertising in Toronto, these can both contribute to your online visibility and organic traffic in the local scene. Engaging visitors can be a challenge nonetheless, which is why you’ll need a tailor-fit strategy that attracts traffic to your website. However, the best part about the internet is that almost anything is possible. Here are the best ways to keep engaging and re-engaging your visitors on your site:

Send Notifications About Stocked Shopping Carts

Many people love to go “window shopping” online, which often makes them add things to their carts to remember what stands out the most. However, a large chunk of visitors will do this but never pull through with a conversion or sale. If they’ve signed up for an account or a newsletter with your company, this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the lead you have. 

Emailing the customer about an abandoned cart and giving them an incentive to check out, such as during a sale or promotional period, can help bring them back. This driving organic traffic method is much easier and more effective than finding new leads and making them convert. 

Customize Your Site to Target Various Users

Your site analytics will show you everything you need to know about your customers and visitors. If you see a trend in people exiting your site, this can be the best time to customize your pages to have pop-ups that take their information to sign up for promotional newsletters or text message notifications. Getting information before they exit for good gives you a better chance to contact them again and re-direct them to your business pages. 

Add specific elements to allow them to sign up to receive a discount or promotional code that can help drive conversions, as this is your end goal with any visitor. You can also add pop-ups that show them a similar product or one of your newer ones to pique their interests. 

Work on Push Notifications

Push notifications are popular ways to get people to remember your brand and products. These notifications can come in mobile and desktop pings that let people know when something is new with a website. If they turn on push notifications for your brand, be sure to work on these to remind people with a visible and audible ping that they can click to check out. This method will definitely help drive conversions and overall sales of your products, especially if your brand is a purveyor of great new items. 

Add Live Chat Options

A pop-up with a live-chat option helps sales because product listings don’t always contain 100 percent of the details people want to see. Many people have questions about the products, such as shipping dimensions, fragile items, how to use the product, or how to claim a warranty. These are typical questions that aren’t intuitive for most, which is why a live-chat can put people at ease when buying new products. 


These methods are significant customizations to add to a website to drive conversions and organic traffic. The trick is to pique people’s interests using various digital marketing techniques like premier SEO in Toronto and web development for greater visibility. 

At Analytics Beyond, we specialize in growing brands across North America with the help of cutting edge tools and industry know-how. If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency in Toronto, get in touch with us today!


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