4 Powerful Digital Marketing Strategies to Employ in 2021

The world has now been fighting COVID-19 for over a year, and while we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, the social and economic impacts it has left behind will remain for quite some time. The business world has been hard hit by the unpredictability wrought by the virus, but the strongest companies have pulled through by adapting their strategies and considering the impact of every decision.

An area of advertising that has grown even more appreciated over this period is digital marketing, as it proved to be the best way to reach customers in the comfort of their own homes. Digital marketing experts strongly believe that there are creative ways to help businesses of any size to succeed online, which is one of the many reasons this advertising method is so prevalent today.

In this article, we will be discussing a few aspects of digital marketing that remain advantageous for your business throughout 2021 and amidst the current pandemic. Whether you’re revamping your current strategy or starting from scratch, be sure to consider the following:

Retarget with Paid Ads

If you’ve been working to familiarize your target market with your brand name, there might be a whole demographic of people out there who’ve heard of you but aren’t quite convinced to buy. The best way to amplify your brand’s online presence and convert those leads into customers is with retargeting. 

Paid ads are intended to direct visitors to a landing page carefully curated to turn them into customers. Paid campaigns on platforms like Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, or even Instagram Ads can help you reach target customers and enhance sales. 

Keep Social Accounts Updated

Your target audience likely spends hours each day on social media platforms. Why not take advantage of that time by making sure your offerings are made visible to them? 

Social media is an incredibly powerful digital marketing strategy that can help you ensure consistent visibility online. When you keep your business’s accounts updated with news, offerings, and promotions, you’re curating a club that potential customers are invited to join. 

The best thing about social media is that there’s really no limit to the type of content you can create! Whether it’s an infographic of an interesting topic or a video explaining the features of your newest product, the world is at your fingertips. When people follow, like, share, and otherwise engage with your brand, your reach is only amplified!

Reach Leads in Their Email Inboxes

Since billboards aren’t exactly getting the same visibility as they used to, businesses need to find new ways to get their messages in front of customers. Why not reach them through a near surefire avenue? 

Your potential customers may not be in their offices, but they’re still checking their email. By creating valuable newsletters with promotions and offerings that subscribers can enjoy, you’re giving them more reason to buy!


Marketers are trained to reach the customer where they are—and in 2021, that’s via the World Wide Web. If your business has yet to harness the full benefits of digital marketing, it’s about time to begin! With strategies in areas such as paid ads, social media, and email marketing, you’ll soon be increasing your reach and generating more leads than ever before.

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