Look At These 3 Modern Web Design Trends That Will Boost Your Traffic

Over the years, the features that attracted visitors to a website have changed quite a bit. What used to be seen as attractive in the past may not be as appealing now and possibly in the future. Don’t see this as a bad thing, though. New trends come and go all the time, even when it comes to web design. Maintaining a presence that draws customers in is a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

People eat with their eyes. The more visually appealing a website is, the more users are to spend time browsing it. Nevertheless, modern design cannot rely on looks alone. Functionality is crucial to give users what they need.

If you’re looking for brand new ways to modernize your website and stay on the cutting edge, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll be discussing a few web design trends popular today:

1. Dark Mode

Out with the blinding brightness, in with dark mode. A lot of users are starting to prefer a dim interface rather than a website that blasts bright artificial light onto their faces. Websites equipped with dark mode are easy on the eyes, making them comfortable to browse through. They are also suitable for OLED screens as they save power by not having to produce a bright image.

Dark mode also gives emphasis to other colours, making them pop and giving the website personality. From cyberpunk themes to dystopian styles, a dark mode can help tell a website’s story through design alone.

2. Combination of Photography and Graphical Elements

Another trend that’s becoming more popular these days is the integration of original graphical elements on top of real photos. Doing so not only makes it interactive but also creates a wonderful display of visual magic. As a web designer, your creativity is what makes you unique. By letting your imagination go wild, you can create a design that describes who you are.

Adding graphics to photography on your website may seem like a tacky idea, but the truth is that it adds flair to the design and overall look of the page. Whether you wish to make it look quirky or minimal and majestic, the world is at your fingertips! Simply find a way to tie it into your brand persona to further reinforce your identity.

3. Minimalist Design

Nothing beats minimalism when it comes to web design. Just like with dark mode, minimalist web designs are easy on the eyes and are not too difficult to take in. This design allows users to navigate a website comfortably without squinting their eyes or furiously scrolling down just to look for a certain piece of information.

The minimalist approach often leads web designers to use light-coloured backgrounds, but they still maintain the freshness and easygoing appeal. With the amount of information that users have to deal with every day, minimalistic design is an approach that will surely entice them to keep browsing and relax while doing so. Minimalist web design is arguably the most popular web design trend today and for the year to come.


Web design plays a huge role in attracting visitors to your website. By integrating the above trends into your website, you can increase the chances of gaining more users to browse your site and increase your site traffic. Don’t forget—you’re not limited by format structures. Use your creativity to find a design that works for you!

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