3 Reasons Why SEO Can Help Your Business Survive The Age of Covid-19

With the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing across many countries in the world, it’s not uncommon to see businesses scramble just to survive by cutting on spending expenditures. With the challenges brought about by the pandemic, it’s crucial not just to know where to trim the fat, but to also understand which strategies can bring forth growth amidst the crisis.

Search Engine Optimization—The Strategy For Businesses Amidst The Pandemic

For businesses looking to gain a competitive edge amidst this situation, search engine optimization (SEO) offers unique advantages that can weather economically tough times.

For the complete newbies on this matter, SEO is basically a set of practices and techniques that approximate Google’s formula of determining which websites to appear in its search result pages for certain keywords. While the exact formula has never been disclosed by Google itself, experts in the industry agree that Google favors websites who have more of the following:

  • Mobile-Friendliness
  • Relevant Keywords
  • Quality Backlinks
  • Good Content
  • Traffic
  • Optimized Page Load Times

Here are three reasons why you should invest in SEO in the age of COVID-19.

SEO Offers Long-Term Gains

While paid advertisement strategies such as Pay-Per-Click schemes may provide an initial boost, SEO works by establishing your website’s authority in your given field. This means that as long as you work with a credible website development company and publish credible content that addresses people’s needs, your website’s ranking will more or less remain rooted.

For example, a piece of content that has proven effective in driving traffic and establishing your credibility will earn you clicks, traffic, and even revenue for years to come. With the pandemic forcing millions of people around the world to stay at home and use the internet for everything from groceries to paying utility bills, there’s never been a more opportune time to invest in SEO.

SEO Does Not Need To Be Tied To A Single Location or Time

Unless your business prefers to—or can only operate in a single country or state—then SEO can earn you revenue from basically anywhere around the world. This is unlike traditional forms of advertising such as TV or print ad campaigns, which are quickly becoming impractical due to their costs and limitations in reaching people. Instead of having to worry about whether enough eyeballs will be seeing your ads in a given location or timeslot, with SEO, you can focus on trying to truly bring solutions that work.

SEO Allows You To Reach The People Who Are Already Interested

The beauty of SEO is that you are trying to appeal to people who are already interested in the products and services that you already offer. This means that instead of spending valuable resources inexpensive and traditional methods merely hoping for the best, you are going to reach more of the right people, for less budget. But how do you achieve this with SEO?

SEO achieves this by prioritizing organic search, which works for you just by simply existing online! Because you don’t pay for the content to be displayed, you are not subject to the limits of time restrictions or location-based costs. Instead, the more useful content that you post, the better chances of search engines—and by extension, potential clients—finding you and recognizing your authority.


While SEO may not bring you significant changes overnight, it helps your business grow a competitive edge by helping you nurture leads and establish your authority with one piece of content at a time. Provided that your website ticks all the right boxes, incremental improvements in your search engine results will compound over time, allowing you to remain relevant, despite this ongoing pandemic.

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