How to Use SEO for Your Business’s COVID-19 Recovery

In times where businesses must make compromises due to the difficulties brought about by COVID-19, cost-cutting is the primary tool that companies today use for recovery.

For businesses in Canada and the USA, most of the current activities on a company’s plan for surviving the pandemic range from retrenching workers to shutting down facilities and branches. However, many companies mistakenly seek to cut their marketing budgets by half (or entirely) in their desperation to save money until everything resumes to normal, yet this shouldn’t be the case.

The power of fine-tuned marketing strategies

Although some claim that marketing isn’t vital in a time like this where a crisis is rampant, the truth is that such strategies play a crucial role in helping ailing companies recover. Tools like digital marketing, creative advertising, and billboards have become staple components in any recovery plan because of how they’ve helped countless businesses recover

When it comes to this period where human touch is discouraged and many are forced to stay home, however, the success of your marketing strategy significantly depends on choosing the right tool. No matter what industry your business operates in or how big its market is, it can surely benefit from the use of digital marketing, especially with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Different stages of post-Coronavirus recovery that SEO can help you with

If you want to use SEO to assist your business in recovering from the adverse effects of COVID-19, it’s essential to consider that you’ll need to carry out your actions in stages. In these current times, the phases that you’ll need to build on accordingly are affirmation and comfort, solution-finding and providing, and full selling. Let’s go over each phase in further detail:

Phase #1: Affirmation and comfort

Before you jump right into recovering your costs and hard-selling your way to normal operations, it’s vital to first establish your businesses as an entity that consumers can find comfort in. With times like these where uncertainty is rampant, you can use a well-built SEO strategy that will put your website higher up the search results so that more consumers can read the positive message you’ve prepared.

When you drive users to your website, greet them with a landing page or prompt that expresses how you empathize with their worries while explaining you’re still around to help. By following this simple strategy, you can gain the affection of your target market well enough to be kept on their minds the next time they think about products and services like yours!

Phase #2: Solution finding and providing

What makes the COVID-19 crisis unique for digital marketing is that it has caused an explosion in search volumes across all terms as people spend more time at home and on the web.

Among all the developments that this surge in search queries has shown, the most prominent of all that businesses need to watch out for is that consumers are searching for solutions. As a result, this crucial development yields a golden opportunity for companies to adapt and present themselves as the answer that potential customers seek through SEO. By taking the time to target specific question-style search phrases and long-tail keywords related to your products, you can provide a solution that your target market seeks!

Phase #3: Full selling

Now that a few months have passed and your first two phases settled in well, the last step you’ll need to embark before hopping on the final stretch is to start full selling again. Alongside your other marketing efforts, such as content marketing plans, paid media and boosted posts, and multiple-channel engagement, getting your SEO strategy together will help usher your business into full recovery!


Even though times like these can seem as challenging and daunting as ever for any American or Canadian business, it’s vital to consider that a bit of focus and the right marketing strategy will go a long way. By taking this guide into mind, however, you’ll be able to speed up the recovery process with a template that shows you how to use SEO to your advantage!

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