3 Mistakes That Can Affect Your Google Ads PPC Results

In the digital marketing world, no tool is seen as a difference-maker in the success (or failure) of any modern business than a robust Google Ads PPC strategy.

Although experts once considered it as a mere luxury, the science of PPC advertising is now one of the top skills that companies must understand. This crucial tool must also be used to survive and thrive as more consumers find themselves on the web, especially considering its capability of generating high search volumes. Today, even the most inexperienced business owners have the ability to precisely target specific niche markets for more conversions at the bottom of their sales funnels.

Despite the growing ease of use that the Google Ads platform prides itself on, however, there’s a less-obvious aspect that anyone looking to see long-term gains must face: the common mistakes that can be made.

Why it matters to avoid mistakes and which ones you should watch out for

Amid the air of experimentation that encompasses the digital marketing scene, a “hit-or-miss” approach is no longer permissible when it comes to PPC because of its severe repercussions. As opposed to other platforms and tools with a wider margin for error, even the smallest pitfalls can cut your strategy’s capabilities short or cause your ad spend to be worthless.

Fortunately, preventing such problems from plaguing your Google Ads PPC strategy is easier than you might expect because all it entails is watching out for common errors and avoiding them. If you’re intent on playing your cards right and ensuring top-quality results, here are three familiar fumbles you should steer clear of:

Mistake #1: Failing to pay enough attention to your keyword choices

No matter the amount of fortune you shell out on your PPC campaign, it will never reach its full potential if you aren’t getting the keywords right.

Sure, more money can help with increasing your online visibility. However, keywords will always remain essential parts of the equation because they function as the building blocks of any successful PPC campaign. If you want to prevent your campaign from being destined to fail right from its first day, then you’ll need to double-up on your stringency of keyword selections and make sure they’re relevant and profitable simultaneously!

Mistake #2: Walking unknowingly into a poor account structure

When it comes to common mistakes that you’re most likely unknowingly making during your PPC campaign, one item bound to top the list is a poor account structure.

Many Canadian businesses become frustrated over their campaign’s apparent lack of results because of the poor account structure that limits it from delivering clear-cut results with ease. When you want to remedy this problem, in most cases, you can do so by fine-tuning your negative keywords, use of exact matches, and specificity of selected search terms!

Mistake #3: Overlooking the power of retargeting

Although you may be using Google Ads PPC as a means to capture the attention of potential long-term customers, remember that it’s also a powerful tool when it comes to creating repeat customers.

Apart from targeting new audiences, reaching out to the exact users that you’ve interacted with and visited your website in the past is a quick way to generate better results. Suppose you unknowingly overlook the opportunity to retarget. In this case, keep in mind that you’re bound to miss out on thousands to millions in revenue and countless opportunities of a lifetime!


Making the most out of a Google Ads PPC strategy is a clear-cut goal that you should have if you seek online success. This effort also entails staying aware of common pitfalls you’ll come across. Following this guide, however, will help protect your business from the perils of poor decision-making on your campaign as long as you stay aware of the three mistakes mentioned above!

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