Are SEO Performance & Results Impacted By Website Design?

The web is a complex ecosystem with many interrelated elements influencing how well a brand performs online. For instance, SEO and web design are closely related. 

But given that SEO is concerned with search engine rankings and web design is concerned with a website’s technical components, how can web design affect SEO outcomes?

Why Does Site Design Affect SEO Rankings?

First, look at the factors that influence site design and SEO rankings. Ten years ago, SEO was much easier. It was heavily keyword- and content-driven. 

But as the number of people using the internet grew, search engines gradually shifted their attention to users, starting to crawl websites that satisfied their needs, answered their questions, and enhanced their online browsing experience.

Instead of only needing a website, search engines nowadays concentrate on offering an online experience that gives customers what they want in the shortest amount of time, with the fewest clicks, and in the most detailed way.

Web design greatly influences SEO outcomes since, apart from content authenticity and keywords, most of the previously listed criteria are related to site design and development.

4 Ways Web Design Affects SEO Rankings

Thus, the question of how site design impacts SEO results becomes relevant. Since search engine optimization works in four distinct ways rather than just one, business owners must continue to be concerned with website design and development.

You can also work with reputable web design agencies in Toronto to know more information. Meanwhile, here are 4 ways how web design affects SEO rankings: 

Poorly Designed Websites Don’t Get High Search Engine Rankings

Search engines take into account user preferences. The same things that irritate and annoy individuals also hinder search engines. 

For instance, obstacles to raising search engine rankings include complex layouts, flashing ads, pop-up windows, poor fonts, etc. 

Fortunately, you are not required to put up with undesirable traits. You may choose from various search engine optimization (SEO) friendly designs, fonts, and layouts.

Search Engine Algorithms Need User-Friendly Websites

In today’s world, when virtual recognition matters, a company’s website serves as its public face. Ease of navigation is one of the most important factors in website design and development.

Websites with simple navigation are far more user-friendly than those without it. No matter what content is on the website, users are not interested in it. It is less likely to show up in search results.

Search Engines Want Faster Web Pages

Google said in 2010 that it would consider website speed when determining a website’s ranking since it directly impacts user experience. An online page that takes a long time to load is one of the most annoying and unpleasant problems. 

Because search engines are now much more user-focused, those that take longer than three seconds to load fare poorly in search results.

Search Engines Give Websites With Mobile-Responsive Designs Greater Ranks

Since almost everyone owns a smartphone, mobile devices make up 52% of internet traffic. A mobile-friendly design allows users to access the website on their smartphones rather than on laptops or desktop computers. 

Along with other essential factors like content, simple navigation, style, etc., search engines favour ranking websites with a mobile-responsive design.

User-friendliness is essential for search engine rankings, and you can ensure this by creating a website that is both user- and SEO-friendly.


Web design influences search engine results in addition to the user experience. Poor web design methods reduce your SEO rating, lowering your site’s ranking in search engines. Early investment in SEO-focused web design is vital since it directly influences your company’s bottom line. Lastly, you can work with a top web design agency in Toronto for the finest web design and marketing strategies to create a website that looks fantastic and performs well in search.

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