4 Ways to Strengthen SEO Strategies During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Given the current implementation of quarantine and lockdowns, people are online now more than ever. Regardless of the current economic state, you will want to establish your brand to be top of mind for searchers. This means they’ll be more inclined to choose you when making buying decisions. For this reason, companies are scrambling to ramp up their SEO strategies beyond marketing.

During this downtime, SEO has become one of the best investment opportunities. It empowers you to secure the future of your business, especially since the benefits are long-term. SEO also remains the most cost-effective media channel, as opposed to other digital marketing strategies.

If you’re strategizing to strengthen your SEO campaigns to combat the effects of the pandemic, here are four simple strategies to consider:

1 – Revisit keyword banks

Regardless of whether or not you’re working with an existing SEO strategy, revisiting keyword research is always a good idea. Understanding which terms get the most traffic—and those that don’t—will help you come up with effective strategies. As you browse through keywords, remember that the keywords you may have been working on previously may not be relevant now. COVID-19 has altered the world in more ways than one, which includes people’s concerns, needs, and search habits.

2 – Come up with useful and relevant content

Writing useful and impactful content is the backbone of all SEO strategies. When SEO first came on the market, the goal was to stuff as many keywords as possible into a single article. There was little concern directed to the actual content, much less how it would read to the consumer. As the digital world progressed, so did the SEO landscape. Today, writing for your audience is key. You no longer have to appease the SEO algorithm, as ranking high on search results mean writing useful and relevant articles for the user. To ensure that all your SEO strategies work, continue writing about informative and educational content.

3 – Focus on metadata

Although often overlooked, your website’s metadata also plays a crucial role in SEO. To get started, ensure that your titles, headings, meta descriptions, and image alt tags work properly. Your meta descriptions and titles should appear on the SERP—they need to be attractive enough for users to clock, and informative enough to make them stay. Your pages should also have headings, as these help you present your content in a more organized manner. Ensuring that your metadata is updated helps search engines understand what your page is about, ultimately helping you rank better.

4 – Prioritize local SEO

Although we’re dealing with stressful times, now is the best time to focus on local SEO strategy. This means trying to rank for area-specific keywords, which can be particularly useful for small businesses. Keywords such as “seo services toronto” or “design agency durham” will prove to be beneficial, as they tend to be less competitive.

The Bottom Line

The end of COVID-19 remains to be seen. It continues to impact businesses and individuals worldwide, so expect that the landscape of SEO and marketing will continue to shift and change. Marketing challenges will crop up now and then, but the best way to mitigate these is through using SEO. Keep planning and brainstorming, and more importantly, keep adapting!

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