Combining PPC and SEO to Deliver Results – Comprehensive Guide

The digital marketing environment is a fluctuating one that requires businesses to always stay on their toes to adjust to market demands. This means that there is no single business strategy you can use for prolonged periods of time, as the demand for innovation may change overnight.

With billions of people on gadgets, using popular search engines like Google to conduct daily searches is a staple in the digital age. The markets for different products and services is a dog-eat-dog world, wherein in order to survive as a company, you will need to be flexible enough to meet objectives.

Maximizing the use of online tools and techniques

There are many options to aid company growth, one of these is taking advantage of the technology and social media outlets that are available on the internet. The best part is that you do not necessarily need to subscribe and spend time learning about analytics and tools. The internet is filled to the brim with professional marketing agencies who are extremely proficient in digital marketing, using Pay Per Click advertising and Search Engine Optimization services to help brands flourish.

Knowing these two great tools exist, here’s why integrating both in tandem into your campaigns will be incredibly beneficial:

They work at different rates

PPC advertising can yield immediate results but will drive costs up because of the expensive nature of competing for an advertisement slot on Google’s front page. Prolonged use of this method creates a weak organic presence online, which will make it difficult to attract clients.

SEO tools are usually referred to as a snowball, which is because it takes time to be noticed and grown while it gathers momentum. This method is slower in terms of the development of company presence, but overtime ends up cheaper and more effective once people start visiting your site with unique clicks.

However, meshing both PPC and SEO tools makes it even better, because it gives the best of both worlds. Having cutting edge uniquely written content while being shot up to the front page of Google makes it easier for consumers to trust in you. Benefits of this include an increase in paid clicks, as well as organic website traffic and big savings otherwise spent on big ad platforms.

How to integrate the two programs

There are three ways to elevate your digital marketing schemes to another level using both SEO and PPC techniques:

1. Increase the visibility of your site on the Search Engine Results Page

Simply getting your site to the first page of a search engine tool is a big feat, as the internet is extremely vast and packed. This doesn’t usually last, as the digital market evolves every day, so the next day may see your page buried to the next few pages. This is why PPC is important, so that you consistently find yourself at the top.

Visibility on search engine pages will skyrocket with a good PPC and SEO combination, which can also be supplemented by paid advertising on-site.

2. Optimizing your SEO content with PPC data

SEO files are made possible by writing impactful content, which drives traffic to a site. This only works if people decide to click on and read what you have written. Coupling this with PPC advertising, users will see your page as soon as they hit the search button making it good for your business.

3. Be aware of fraudulent clicks on your website

Clicks like these negative ones are a problem online. This means that a website has attracted bots or visitors who are up to no good. These clicks are basically equivalent to wasted money, as these bots have no intention of reading content or buying products. This can put your company’s spending on overdrive to pay off the fake visits.


Each type of search engine tech has its pros and cons. This is easily fixed by infusing both tools to complement one another. On one hand, you have the powerful SEO tools to create meaningful content, while basically having a billboard on the largest search engine in the world on the other.

We specialize in growing brands across North America with the help of cutting edge tools and industry know-how. If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency in Orange County, get in touch with us today!


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