4 Simple Tips to Boost Your PPC Campaigns in 2021

The best digital marketing strategies evolve continuously. If you aren’t regularly tweaking your social media, SEO, and PPC advertising campaigns, your brand’s website will be lost in the vast ocean of your competition online.

 As 2021 rolls along, you should be revisiting your pay-per-click (PPC) strategies, implementing best practices, and adjusting your metrics depending on your target audience’s needs and intent. It’s important to keep up with the latest trends to have the best return of investment (ROI) possible.


The Importance of PPC Campaigns in 2021

Billions of people use search engines and social media every single day. Businesses, organizations, and brands big and small are all fighting to get their target audience’s attention—and PPC is an important slice of that whole digital marketing pie.

Almost all markets are incredibly competitive, and it can be tough to reach your target audience without paid advertising. PPC strategies make it possible to be seen by potential customers, increase brand awareness, and help you rank for difficult keywords.

People’s online habits changed drastically in 2020, and all industries will still feel the ripples of those changes well into 2021 and beyond. In fact, your tactics from 2020 are likely irrelevant this year! 

Here are four simple things to keep in mind as you adjust and optimize your PPC strategy:


  1. Audit Your Current Process

The first step in building any marketing strategy is to have a foundation of concrete, objective information. 

A PPC audit is an intensive step-by-step process that will analyze your accounts for optimization opportunities. It will give you a deep dive into your campaign performance and show you all the areas that need improvement or a complete overhaul. Once you have all this critical information, you can move on to the concrete steps you can take to bring your PPC campaigns to the next level.


  1. Understand Your Audience

 Your PPC strategies should put your target audience at the center. Think about your potential buyer’s journey and how they will end up buying for your brand. What keywords would they choose? What platforms will they search in? How long do they browse before they pull the trigger and buy?

 Once you’ve done in-depth market research, audience targeting will be a breeze. Narrow down specific demographics to target so your ad will reach leads primed to be converted into sales.


  1. Adjust Your Keywords

 Your PPC audit will show you if you need to expand your keyword list, giving you an idea for swapping out less efficient keyphrases and expanding your negative keywords. Group your keywords based on your target audience’s intent so you can improve overall results and bring new business to your door.

 Don’t hesitate to get rid of keywords that aren’t performing well or adjust your bidding strategy to reduce the cost per conversion. Keep an eye on your negative keywords, as well. You won’t want to pay for leads that won’t be converted into sales!


  1. Go Social

 In 2021, it’s past time to include social media in your PPC strategies. There are over 4 billion social media users worldwide. As such, it’s more than likely your target audience is checking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn at least once a day! Expand your horizons and dip your toes into these platforms to cash in.



 Your PPC campaigns are crucial elements of your overall digital marketing strategy. As trends and audience intent continuously evolve, you need to keep up with all the changes to be as competitive as possible. The tips listed above are only some of the ways your brand can remain sustainable and successful in the long run.

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