The Secret to Keeping Up with the Digital Marketing World

Digital marketing has been earning a reputation in recent years for being the “future of marketing.” Because the world is slowly shifting to the digital landscape, it makes sense for all businesses to maintain a digital presence. But with new advancements being made every day, it is difficult for digital marketers to keep up. What every company needs to survive in the future is to live by the following principles in their work. 

Industry Insights: How Excellent Digital Marketers Stay Ahead of the Game

Data is the Lifeblood of a Digital Marketing Strategy

There are numbers in everything online. From engagement, page views, likes, comments, word count, keyword density, tags, and more, every piece of content is created based on actual data. Harnessing data is not easy. Not everything can be found from a quick Google search. Digital marketers use tools to extract the information they need to create effective strategies. 

User Intent is the Main Focus

Intent marketing puts the user up on a pedestal. For the longest time, marketers have based their data on demographics and firmographics to attract a specific audience. Now, digital marketers are looking at user intent, which can provide firsthand knowledge of what people are looking for. Understanding this can help marketers determine the best moment to make a sale.

This type of data gets rid of the old notions and “biases” against particular demographics. Follow the logic of this example:

An online shop sells dresses. Marketing things based on audience stereotypes might cause the shop to target women alone or try to partner with women’s fashion sites. The flaw here is that not all women are looking for dresses, and not all fashion sites will be interested in a partnership. With data gathered from user intent, you target specific users who are actually looking for dresses, stereotypes aside. 

Adaptability is the Key to Success

The ability to adapt is perhaps the most crucial trait that a digital marketer should possess because the online world is fast and ever-changing. 

Search engines like Google and Bing make updates every day to keep things running smoothly. Google even announces whenever there’s a new algorithm update to keep marketers on their feet with their strategies. 

Social media platforms come up with significant updates frequently as well. Simple aspects like a platform redesign can affect your business. 

Keeping up with these changes is what makes an excellent digital marketer. Do not act under the impression that you know your target audience well enough to keep them interested with the same tricks for two years. People and trends change. Static tactics aren’t good enough anymore. Get into trends, stay updated, and try not to fall behind the times.


Digital marketing is more than just ads and content creation. It is a data-driven industry that gets results through proper strategy building and the best practices. Every decision made is based on research, data, testing, and intuition. Without these, you might as well post for fun and waste money on ads that no one will be able to find. So don’t underestimate the capabilities of a good digital marketer.

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