3 Ways Web Design Can Make or Break Your Online Business

Web design may seem simple on the surface level, but there are many complex layers in planning and designing. It takes a skilled eye for trends and evergreen templates to customize a website that meets people’s expectations and stays true to your brand. Here are some of the ways that web design can help your business grow.

3 Ways Web Design Can Turn Your Online Business Around

  1. Attracts Visitors and Paying Customers

People are naturally more interested in attractive things, which also applies to websites. An outdated website with a poor UI/UX design can lead to misconceptions about the brand. To users, it could potentially look like a scam website. 

Websites with modern design and smooth navigation can attract more people than old websites. More people might be compelled to explore the website’s pages beyond the home page until they reach the product or service page.

Web design can make the deal attractive, but it can also finish the sale. When all the products in the pages are designed neatly and the eCommerce functions, such as the cart button work, so smoothly, they may be tempted to purchase something rather than leave without taking anything they wanted. And if they’re convinced enough, they may just come back to finalize the sale.   

  1. Makes Branding and Marketing Simpler

For some businesses, the online world is all they have to run things. If you are a website owner that solely depends on online transactions, you need to pick out your brand colours, fonts, and layout, similar to physical shops. 

The theme and colours of your website then become part of your visual brand identity. This means that if you were to create packaging or send products to customers, you have to stay on-brand with these colours. This cuts planning time in half. 

Essentially, good web design sets the standard for all marketing collateral. 

  1. Customers Become More Likely to Return

Like shoppers in real life, some customers buy, and some just pass by and return later for their purchase—that is if they are compelled to come back.

One of the things that analytics can tell you is the percentage of people who come back as returning visitors. These numbers can go higher each month, especially if people had an easy time finding where everything was. Simple design with good navigation is the best way to go. When they remember having an easy time with your website, they may find no reason to look elsewhere.


There is no way people will linger on your website for three whole seconds if your web design is not updated or well-designed enough. Your web design is the first impression of your business, so it is a matter of life and death in the industry if this isn’t entirely straightened out. Without excellent web design, your online business may never get to experience these growth milestones and benefits. 

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