5 Reasons Your PPC Campaign May Not Be Working

The Internet has made it possible for a solo-owned and operated business to reach millions of people worldwide, creating many exciting possibilities for many entrepreneurs. Thanks to social media platforms and search engines, people can find what they need and discover new businesses that provide them with the exact solutions they’ve been looking for. 

As a business owner, you’re aware of the many avenues you can use to promote your business. Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are another excellent way of marketing your products or services. However, if you’ve been executing your campaigns and haven’t been seeing favourable results, there may be a few things you need to adjust. Here are five reasons your PPC campaign may not be working:

You Don’t Know Who Your Audience Is

The most important part of your PPC campaign should be your audience. Since it operates on keywords, that means you’ll have to choose keywords according to a clear target market instead of indiscriminately targeting groups of keywords you’re not sure your audience uses. The goal of a PPC campaign is to get people to click on the ads, go to your website, and purchase. However, if people simply click on the ad and do not purchase, you’ll be paying lots of money for visibility that doesn’t translate into sales.

To avoid this, understand your audience and the specific keywords they use to look for your business. Factoring these into your ads will ensure that they reach the right people.

You Aren’t Monitoring Your Progress

Unlike other kinds of marketing, PPC isn’t something you can simply leave to its own devices and expect great results. You’ll have to monitor your progress consistently to ensure you make the most out of your money. Tracking the percentage of clicks that turn into sales will clue you into the effectiveness of your campaign and what you need to change.

You Haven’t Optimized Your Campaigns For Other Devices

Over a decade ago, most people used their desktops or laptops to use the Internet. However, portable devices have grown even more powerful than ever before, which means many users browse the Internet on their smartphones and tablets. Be sure to optimize your ads for these devices, as you’re likely to miss out on significant amounts of revenue if you cater your ads only to desktop users. 

You Haven’t Tested Different Ads

A/B testing, or testing numerous ad versions, is an important part of your PPC campaign. It shows you which configurations appeal most to your target audience, requiring constant monitoring. To improve your PPC campaign’s chances of success, try two versions of an ad. Whether you tweak the image, change the CTA, or address it to a different audience, one will generate more revenue and engagement than the other while costing roughly the same, clueing you into what works and what doesn’t.

Clickers Don’t Know Where to Go

Lastly, your PPC campaign may not be as successful as you’d like because users who click on your ads don’t know where to go. When you direct your users to your homepage, you’re essentially leaving them to navigate by themselves, which may discourage them, cause them to lose interest, and exit your page. Instead, map the path you want your users to take and direct them accordingly with your ad.


Making the perfect PPC campaign requires a lot of thought, trial, and error, as you’ll have to be as specific as possible about the audience you want to target and find the most profitable ad copy. By addressing these reasons, you’ll watch your PPC campaign revenue multiply.

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