2 Common PPC Myths You Must Stop Believing

Over the years, the digital marketing world has expanded and evolved in more ways than most professionals and business owners have ever expected. 

Compared to only over a decade ago, today’s online world expands to nearly every facet of daily operations and most, if not all, routines that consumers undertake. From social media interactivity and chat-based consumer interactions to advertising work and targeted campaigns, the number of ways digital marketing has impacted the way business work is nearly endless. 

Among the different tools that have become instrumental in the success of businesses on the Internet nowadays, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has become crucial for the success of many.

The advent of PPC advertising

Often tied with strategies built for attaining more visibility and conversions, PPC advertising remains a tried-and-tested strategy that continues to stand the test of time. 

Through its use of valuable digital real estate, the method in question has constantly set itself apart from other tools on the market as a pillar of modern marketing work because of how applicable it is today. In fact, compared to other methods, PPC provides a more advantageous experience when it comes to putting any business in front of a target audience at any stage of the buying process.

More businesses have looked to using PPC marketing to their advantage in recent times because search engines have proven to be more productive environments for reaching out. With potential clients and customers most likely to be found in search engine results, it’s safe to say that you may also be using the same tool to your strategy’s advantage.

Common myths about PPC you should start avoiding

While it’s safe to assume that PPC marketing is a great way to give your business the advantage it needs over its competitors, the only problem with it is that there are far too many myths surrounding it. Thankfully, avoiding these very misconceptions, and preventing them from meddling with your strategy’s effectiveness isn’t the most difficult experience because brushing up on them will make a difference:

Myth #1: More keywords means more chances of success

Contrary to popular belief, succeeding with a powerful PPC strategy isn’t about the whole “collect and collect” approach that most people believe comes with success—it is quite the opposite.

Although it may seem like a good idea to bombard your strategy with a wide range of keywords, the truth is that committing this mistake can thwart the effectiveness of your efforts. Sure, the rationale of targeting as many terms as possible to get more traffic is plausible, but it also leads to generating a lot of unqualified traffic, resulting in clicks that won’t convert!

Myth #2: Dealing with PPC means that you can set it once and never have to look again

Another common misconception that many businesses fall for often is that it can be used as a “set-it-and-forget-it” tool. However, this is a common myth that is far from the truth.

Above all else, Pay-Per-Click campaigns are a marketing tool that requires maintenance and monitoring because there will always be new optimization opportunities present. By constantly going over your strategy and watching out for openings where you can tweak everything, you’ll be able to bring out the untapped potential of your PPC campaign in no time!


As you dive deeper into the world of Pay-Per-Click advertising, you’ll quickly realize that one of the biggest obstacles that you’ll need to overcome is dealing with the presence of myths. Thankfully, following this guide closely and watching out for the two misconceptions mentioned above will go a long way towards ensuring that you don’t put yourself in unnecessary predicaments!

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