Top 5 PPC Services Trends You Need to Use in 2022

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an online marketing approach in which advertisers are charged a fee each time their ad is clicked. It’s a method of gaining access to the site by purchasing visitors. 

It’s critical to remain current with PPC trends and apply them to your company. You may also hire a PPC company in Toronto to help you with this.

PPC is one of the simplest methods for increasing website visitors. This concept may be implemented without any prior knowledge of technology. However, making good use of the latest technologies and approaches may necessitate the assistance of specialists.

Search engine advertising service is one of the most common types of PPC. Advertisers can bid for ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links when someone searches for a term related to their company’s product.

Key Trends In PPC Services This 2022 

Bumper Video Ads

The video ad reigns supreme in mobile content, and it will continue to do so in 2022. Those who do not use video advertising achieve incredible outcomes compared to those who do not use video advertising.

Video commercials are the most effective for expanding a company’s reach and providing visual appeal at a minimal cost. With YouTube’s most recent upgrade, you can now create a variety of bumper adverts from less than 90 seconds long videos.

PPC Automation

PPC automation is a powerful approach to boost the effectiveness of your campaign. Large corporations, such as Google, are enthusiastic about the automation possibilities. 

If you want to maximize the benefits of PPC automation, you’ll need to help algorithms in a way that benefits you. Create precise and effective conversion tracking as well as compelling ad language. Make sure to choose the appropriate target audience and keywords.

You may rely on machines for your work with the assistance of automation, which will save you time. You’ll also need a good mix of automation and hands-on management to succeed.

Social Media Marketing

Today, everyone utilizes social media, and over 80% of individuals check at least one social media platform in a month. As a result, you should not overlook social media usage in your PPC ads, especially as its popularity grows.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the most popular social networking networks. This means you should concentrate your advertising efforts on these channels. Because so many people utilize social media sites, you should also take advantage of this multi-platform trend. PPC services in Toronto are available for this purpose.

Visual searches

The term “visual search” refers to a search that uses an image rather than words to answer a question or solve a problem. If you wish to buy a certain sort of shirt, you may post a photo of that shirt and receive links to purchase that shirt.

People nowadays expect faster results from their search queries, and visual searches are one way to achieve this. With visual searches, you receive not only quick but also accurate results. 

Voice Search

Voice search is the way of the future, which is why huge corporations like Google and Amazon are investing substantially in it. Smart assistant speakers like Google Home and Alexa have been a popular choice for the past few years, and these gadgets are set to maintain their popularity in 2022.

Because consumers are more conversational when using voice search, one successful tactic is to utilize a conversational tone on your website. The second thing you should do on your FAQ pages is use long-tail keywords.


Both technology and trends are always evolving, so you must also stay abreast with updates to stay ahead of the competition. Include them in your marketing approach or ask help from an elite PPC Toronto agency to implement these trends effectively. 

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