SEO & PPC Advertising: Optimizing High Risk for High Reward

Every marketer out there has one question that always lingers in their mind: “What makes up an ad that brings in results?” After all, advertising is all about results. More specifically, it is about how ads can attract the audience and turn them into potential customers.

To go about answering this question, many marketers perform market research with the goal of creating marketing content that increases the awareness of their brand, products, and services.

So, how do you make ads that bring about great results? Here are the defining characteristics that your ads need to have:

1. Shows your value proposition

What’s your value proposition? If you cannot answer that, you’re better off not having a business running. That’s because your value proposition is primarily the reason your business exists and why people should buy from you. If you are able to answer that question in your ad, people will find a reason to give you their money to enjoy your products or services.

2. Defines brand position

With so many businesses competing for the same audiences, your brand position will be one of the factors that will help you differentiate your brand. Are you a luxury brand selling high-end items, or are you a company selling mid-range products? This needs to be identified and clearly shown in your ad. That way, customers will know exactly what to expect from you and will be able to differentiate what type of brand you are from the rest.

3. Quickly grabs attention

With so many ads bombarding a user, one can quickly be desensitized to all the stimuli. Because of this, your ad must stand out from the crowd and immediately draw attention to it. This can come in different forms such as big, bold numbers displaying an ongoing promotion or sale, or different types of ads like pop-ups and the like. With careful use of such tactics, your audience’s eyes will be instinctively drawn to your ad, encouraging them to read its contents and to learn more about your business.

4. Exhibits a simple message

It is always safe to assume that your audience is in a hurry. They’re going to scan quickly through different things to look for information, and the same will apply to your ads. Because of this, you have to simplify the message your ad conveys in the most concise way possible. Not only will they appreciate the fact that you’ve made the ad simple to understand, but it helps them remember your ad much more quickly. Even if they do not click on the ad, it’ll linger in their mind, reminding them that you exist and that you are ready to do business with them.


In summary, to ensure that your ads bring about great results, make sure that they contain a simple message, are able to grab attention, show your brand’s position, and exhibit your value proposition. By having these characteristics present in your ad, you would be more able to achieve your goals, whether it be to increase website traffic, boost sales, or enhance your conversion rates.

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