How to Get Traction on Your Website during the Holiday Season

It’s no doubt that the holiday season is when online retail stores perform the best. As soon as September comes around, every day leading to the holidays will surely get you better numbers than any other quarter of the year.

With that opportunity in mind, online stores need to maximize their efforts into making your website more visible using marketing tools like SEO, web design, and more! To get your website on people’s holiday shopping sprees, here are eight tips to get traction on your website during the holiday season.

Assess Last Year’s Holiday Season

Before revamping your whole website with a new holiday campaign, it’s essential to check what worked for your brand last year. Assess the ads you released, find the right holiday keywords that worked for your store, and know which web design best suits your brand and the holiday season. Once you’ve found the website marketing formulas that worked for you last year, it’s time to improve this year’s campaign.

Introduce a Holiday Website Theme

The first step is to make everything about your brand a little more festive, and for websites, you can start by updating your website theme. Tweak some web design features like adding a new holiday banner, changing some graphics, and making everything more festive. Being in line with the holiday festivities will always get you traction.

Make a Holiday Collection

Another helpful tip is to make a holiday collection, especially if your brand sells various items. Set it up by creating a copy with meta descriptions and the right keywords for better SEO optimization. Afterward, curate products that people get as gifts for themselves or their loved ones. Finally, don’t forget to add this collection to your landing page to attract more shoppers.

Post Your Holiday Sales and Promos

Everyone wants to get the best deals. That’s why it’s crucial for SEO and digital marketing teams to make the most out of holiday sales and promos. Add holiday sales and other festive discounts and promos to your landing page using the most targeted keywords for the season.

Diversify Your Website Photos

One of the quickest ways to make a sale online is to have appealing photos. That’s why you should update best-selling products with more festive images. Generally, people are more visual than they are readers. Even digital consulting teams can agree to that, so having compelling photos for your website and products can get their attention in only half a second.

Update Your Bestsellers

Apart from photos, another good tip is to update your bestsellers listings. It means adding all the necessary information on the descriptions, updating SEO functions, and inserting internal links. It’s also worth taking note of your listing’s inventory and keeping stocks up-to-date for the holiday season.

Add Website Links to Social Media

Part of SEO optimization is making your link visible in many other parts of the internet. Include your website link on your social media platforms and vice-versa. This will redirect people to your website because each click holds a possibility for getting a sale.

Have a Festive Website for Holiday Shopping Sprees

Holiday seasons will always be a good time for e-commerce and retail brands, but that doesn’t mean you should fall short on your website marketing. Boost your sales and get more traffic on your website by updating web design and SEO strategies.

If you need help driving your website this holiday season, look no further and hire trusted digital marketing services in Toronto. Our team at Analytics Beyond is here to provide you with quality digital marketing strategies, SEO, PPC services, and website development. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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