Dealing with COVID-19: What to Do With Paid Ad Campaigns

COVID-19’s effect on the economy caused many business owners to be unsure about how they should go about their marketing efforts. If you’re not sure what to do with your ongoing PPC campaigns, you’re not alone. Thousands of businesses around the world are facing a major marketing dilemma.

The high traffic of online users due to quarantine protocols may seem like the perfect opportunity to maintain PPC ads. However, a closer look at the state of your local economy and your own business may make you reconsider your options.

PPC ads in the time of COVID-19

Not all businesses face the same amount of damages and inconvenience because of the global pandemic. Some industries, such as cleaning agent manufacturers and corporate cleaning services, are seeing a considerable rise in profit. On the other hand, travel and restaurant establishments are experiencing a severe drop in customer engagement. The trick to knowing if you should pause or keep on with your PPC campaigns is by identifying your business’s current state.

In this article, we will discuss three scenarios that will help you decide on what to do with your PPC campaigns.

1. For inactive businesses

If you can’t offer your regular services to your clients, you should keep your paid marketing efforts to a minimum. This is the case for companies that will have trouble interacting with customers in face-to-face environments such as beauty salons, spas, and restaurants.

Due to physical distancing restrictions, there isn’t a broad demographic of people looking for your service type. However, it doesn’t mean that you should stay away from marketing your business entirely.

You can run cheap and efficient brand awareness campaigns that allow you to maintain your current customer base until you resume business operations. Once quarantine protocols become lighter, you can take advantage of home services to reach your market. You can collaborate with third-party logistics providers or equip yourself with quality protective gear when providing your products and treatments.

2. For slightly inconvenienced businesses

If your business is unaffected by the pandemic, you should keep your paid campaigns as is. It’s the best way to maintain a status quo instead of cutting off or adding to your marketing budget. This is the scenario for companies that outsource and perform work through remote transactions such as web development, graphic design, accounting, and marketing services.

However, some businesses face slight inconveniences from the pandemic that require onsite interactions such as law firms and real estate agencies. These companies may need to improve and adapt their business models before they invest in increasing their expenses for PPC campaigns.

3. For businesses in demand

If you’re running a business experiencing a sudden burst of customer interaction, now’s the time to invest in your PPC more than ever. There’s a high demand not just for essential services such as plumbing, repairs, and healthcare services, but also for luxury purchases. eCommerce websites are experiencing a big boom in customer engagement since many people try to fight the dull life of staying indoors.

Businesses that market both essential services and luxury goods need to step up their marketing game against their competitors. It’s time for you to go all out and focus on your digital marketing campaigns if you want to keep up with other players in your industry.


The global economy’s unpredictability puts many businesses in a reactive state to anticipate the latest changes in the market. Although some industries are thriving, others are barely hanging on. It’s crucial for companies, mostly small to medium enterprises (SMEs), to study and analyze what they should do next to survive these trying times.

Maintaining your brand’s online presence is the most effective way to ensure your business’s survival. Analytics Beyond is a digital agency in Toronto that can help your company through the COVID-19 pandemic with compelling marketing strategies. Book a free analysis evaluation with us today, and we’ll collaborate with you on the best solution for your marketing concerns.

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