5 Ways to Improve Your eCommerce Website’s Functionality

Toronto is growing to become increasingly modern, as many local businesses are investing in their eCommerce presence and other kinds of online visibility services. Lockdowns caused by COVID-19 are pushing for enterprise digitization, leading to a surge in demand for purchasing goods and services online. Many of those who struggled to stay afloat during the pandemic were seen to have had a weak online presence, affecting their abilities to drive conversions online. 

eCommerce is a whole new beast that requires plenty of work to optimize and various digital marketing tools boost operations. Components of growth include PPC advertising and premier SEO in Toronto, as these will increase local visibility to pave the way for the international sphere. Here are some of the best tips to improve on eCommerce as you scale your business upwards:

  • Expedite the Checkout Process

The general rule of thumb about eCommerce checkout pages is that people want a hassle-free system that entails the fewest pages and clicks possible to carry on with their purchase. Bringing them through multiple windows and even external links can throw buyers off from buying altogether. 

Additionally, people don’t like being forced to make accounts before purchasing, as this turns them off significantly when in the checkout process. The best way is to invest in a proper payment page service to expedite how people buy products from your website. When people have less time to think about their purchases, they are more likely to push through with the whole process. 

  • Let People Know When To Expect Their Orders

Many people want to know when the product they ordered is expected to arrive at their doorstep. Not indicating how long something will ship out or how long your courier takes to deliver it will make people avoid buying products from your eCommerce site. People are quite impatient, and many are spoiled with shipping speeds by companies like Amazon, so you’ll definitely have to stay competitive by at least being transparent. 

You’ll also want to add a tracking number and order number to allow people to see where their orders are at various times. This provision will make people wonder less and stay informed about the whereabouts of their packages. 

  • Ensure Your Stocks Are Updated

A nightmare in retail is when a customer is charged for a product that doesn’t exist. This mishap will likely set your company back with negative reviews and angry customers. Preventing this means updating inventory regularly and having it accurately reflect on your website to avoid purchases from slipping through the loop. If an item is popular and often sells out quickly, be sure to notify buyers viewing the page. 

  • Always Analyze Data

Data is your key to success, as all of the statistics that appear on your website’s dashboard are integral in optimizing your overall eCommerce platform. Paying attention to the trends on your sales page will help you develop better premier SEO in Toronto and surrounding areas and improve on PPC advertising strategies. 

Knowing all the factors that play into your website’s successes or weaknesses can help you customize it to become even more powerful and effective. Investing in digital marketing services in Toronto can be the catalyst for a new and improved eCommerce strategy. 

  • Automation Is Key

Nowadays, there are plenty of services that can be rerouted and assisted by bot commands and automation. These artificial intelligence programs can put people in the right direction to get help with customer service or even find the answers they are looking for to save time and money. Without needing too many human resources, bots can help your company thrive by saving valuable resources. 


Running an eCommerce business is no joke, as there are plenty of things you’ll have to learn as a proprietor. When you scale up, your services and online platform will also have to follow, which can be a struggle if you aren’t informed about the best practices. By investing in various services, such as web development, PPC advertising, and premier SEO in Toronto, growth for small eCommerce retailers is possible. 

We specialize in growing brands across North America with the help of cutting edge tools and industry know-how. If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency in Toronto, get in touch with us today to start boosting your brand’s online presence!

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