Social Advertising: What Are the Ad Trends to Expect in 2023

Social advertising has had a turbulent year as businesses and marketers reduced their paid social spending in the face of macroeconomic difficulties and iOS privacy changes.

Can we, therefore, anticipate a different story as 2023 approaches? The future is projected to be shaped by brand safety, first-party data, and TikTok’s ad platform, according to industry experts we spoke with.

Continue reading to learn the trends in social advertising this 2023 and where to find a digital marketing agency. 

Advertisers Might Switch To The Open Web 

Advertisers and SEO companies must now consider how to allocate their resources in social environments because of the stormy previous year, even though many active social users are still engaging with advertisements. It is also getting harder to target and follow customers. 

Advertisers will probably reconsider the open web as a means of efficiently reaching their audience in 2023.

SSPs make it easier than ever for marketers to create and implement formats, which helps them run more engaging and original creative on the open web and more accurately assess impact. 

With the help of recently developed attention metrics, marketers can now better understand how their ads are being engaged while maintaining user privacy. These metrics can detect anything from a user’s phone tilt to scroll speed. 

While social media sites will still be useful for reaching consumers, more businesses will turn to the open web to stand out.

TikTok Will Attract More Advertising Spending

Except for peak, Meta had a slow fall in sales in the second half of 2022, and we anticipate this trend to continue into 2023. This is a result of both TikTok’s rivalry and the general slump in the economy. 

The good news for companies is that this offers a great chance to benefit from lower in-platform advertising expenditures.

Conversely, TikTok had significant growth in 2022 and is anticipated to do so again in 2023. It gains large prospects for growth from expanding new and existing advertisers on the platform. 

Because TikTok is at a different stage than Meta, it is less susceptible to economic issues.

Are you interested in integrating TikTok into your campaigns? You can speak with a digital marketing company to know more information. 

Increased Demand For First-Party Data 

We have seen evidence of rising conversion rates on Meta throughout 2022, which may be a sign that platform data is improving and enhancing targeting and reporting accuracy. Since iOS 14, signal loss and resilience have remained a problem, and measurement and attribution have grown in importance in decision-making.

Brands with measurement studies in place and first-party data will be at a competitive advantage. They will gain from knowing incrementality and the actual worth of each channel better.

Brand Security Will Be Examined

Brand safety will likely present new challenges in 2023. Musk’s decision to dissolve the Trust and Safety Council had a detrimental effect on brand safety, as we saw this year on Twitter, where many users withdrew out of fear.

It has shown that brand safety is no longer taken for granted, and the new year will require putting protection first to avoid falling prey to complacency. 

Rethinking your brand safety approach should be a top concern for brands moving forward, as firms can no longer rely on checks and balances being applied.

We may anticipate increased social media platform scrutiny in this area due to organizations like the Conscious Advertising Network’s efforts to combat false information, harmful content, and advertising exploitation. 

It is obvious that considerable work needs to be done, and each platform will raise its difficulties. 

For example, while TikTok may raise data privacy concerns, it continues to be a channel that has an unparalleled impact on brand discovery.

We still hope to see social play a significant role in brand strategy in 2023, even though brands should be aware that there will always be a brand safety risk associated with social media.

Data-Driven Intelligence Will Become More Significant

This year, as a direct result of signal degradation, we saw a reduction in ad income across social networks. 

This 2023, creative data will play an even bigger role in evaluating and justifying revenue across platforms and ensuring every spend is accounted for as businesses make investment decisions with maximum campaign impact.

Brands will need to stand out creatively and find ways to create creative that delivers effect if they want to succeed in this redesigned ecosystem. Instead of relying on speculation, marketers can generate creativity by using data-driven insights. 

For instance, a product demonstration in a Snap Ad raised the Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) by 151%, according to our earlier analysis of Snap Ads. The importance of creative intelligence for social commerce ads across platforms will increase due to these findings.


Experts predict that 2023 will be a big year for social media advertising. As technology advances, social media advertising is expected to become even more sophisticated and creative, providing more opportunities for companies to reach their target market.

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