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Mobile LED


(Case Study)

A different approach to a clean website. We took this one from an exisitng and made it more modern and mobile friendly. The old website was clunky, had too much text and not enough assets (video and images).

For over 10 years Mobile LED Billboards has been using traditional marketing to capture and develop growth for companies through video billboards. They were the first to do this in North America.

Services Provided

– Website Development and Management

– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The Website

The opening says it all. On desktop we have a video of their work in action as a background and throughout the website pics of the work completed. 

Search Engine Optimization

The main goal is to create domination across North America. The competition now for this industry online is very high and takes time to start ranking. 

Need help?

We are here and ready to help take your digital presence to the next level. That means boosting your rankings, developing a more cohesive website and getting you more leads to grow.