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Equity Cash Loan

(Case Study)

Equity Cash Loan had an exisiting website focused just on Vehicle Title Loans but we advised them to add a new domain across their brand for all service types. This helps with future brand growth. 

We are a local Calgary-based company proudly serving Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto since 1989. Equity Cash Loan has helped many families and individuals access funds quickly using our simple application process. With over 30 years of fast and friendly service, Equity Cash Loan works with you to get your money in as little as 1 hour!

Services Provided

– Website Development and Management

– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

– Paid Ads Management

The Website

A clean and simple website focused on getting users to contact and inquire about loan services.

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Paid Advertising Management

Paid advertising helps in the shorter term, you are paying for your website to show. This is more instant gratification and allows users to get a glimpse into your company nad how you can help. Paid advertising is an important part of any strategy and the results below prove that!

Need help?

We are here and ready to help take your digital presence to the next level. That means boosting your rankings, developing a more cohesive website and getting you more leads to grow.