How to Use SEO for Your Small Business During the Pandemic

As COVID-19 continues to affect how the whole world moves, many small businesses still don’t know whether they should hang on and continue running. Aside from their operations, the pandemic has also heavily influenced their marketing tactics.

In fact, now, more than ever, do companies need to rely on digital marketing approaches like SEO, as you can find most consumers online due to cities being under quarantine. Since people are spending more time at home right now, they have nothing to do but check the internet for the latest updates on the world, as well as the services they can consume from home.

Utilizing SEO can still improve your business and boost your web traffic despite the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a continuous practice that is even more effective for local searches of products or services that consumers need. Keep reading below to find out how to use SEO to benefit your small business.

Target Keywords Related to COVID-19

Focusing on the trending terms to increase your reach is one thing, but targeting long-tail keywords related to the coronavirus is another. Instead of aiming for general keywords, it’s better to use terms related to your industry to boost its relevance!

Whether you’re offering products or services, you can apply pandemic-related keywords since most people are in quarantine right now, so they can benefit from the content you put out. That way, you can increase your chances of gaining potential customers that can relate to your brand.

Transform Old Content That’s Still Significant

What’s great about SEO services is that you don’t always have to rely on publishing new content. With the presence of your old blog posts and articles, you can put them to fair use and revise them according to today’s current issues.

You can explore your website for old content that you think is significant during the current pandemic and that your audience may find useful. Do the necessary revisions and publish it again so that it goes to your recent posts and attracts more visitors.

Incorporate New Keywords to Your Website

Since people need to follow social distancing guidelines, different terms have popped up online to accommodate the people’s need for connection. You can ask the help of a premier SEO company to help you think of keywords related to your business to utilize for such means.

To convince more consumers that your business is what they need right now, you first have to do your research and determine the interests and desires of your target audience. Look at the unique ways people are adapting to the current crisis and gather ideas from them too.

Produce Fresh and Useful Content

It’s still unclear when the COVID-19 pandemic will end, but even if it’s a trending global issue now, it will eventually subside over time. While you continue to benefit from pandemic-related content, it would still help to remember your business’ long-term objectives.

Publishing fresh and useful content is also necessary because it will always help drive traffic to your website and enhance your overall SEO. Relying on a digital marketing agency can assist you in developing new ideas for your brand and providing content that will increase the interest of your visitors.


Like all digital marketing strategies, SEO will require some time and effort to accomplish and deliver the results you want for your business. As the pandemic continues to reign, it’s essential to work with the situation to keep yourself afloat. By following the tips above, you can establish your online presence and keep your business active in the middle of this global crisis.

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